Friday, 19 July 2013

11 days to go

Oh my, what is happening to time????? I can't believe we'll be going soon, there seems like a mountain of things to do yet, and working out this blog is one of them........
The house is almost cleared, we're waiting for a few final items that we have ordered to arrive in the post, the important phone calls have been made, and computery things are sort of coming together. 
A month ago we both imagined what our last at day work would be like, but to be honest I'm really going to miss every one!!! I suppose you can't work somewhere for over 5 years and not be impacted in some way by those around you. How fortunate and blessed I have been to have so many genuine and positive people to interact with, even in just a small way. They have done my confidence the world of good, and I'm definitely leaving as a different person.
Thanks to their support in buying my prints we've been able to get 2 great sleeping bags, 2 front expedition pannier racks, new boots, and 2 fold up chairs!!! Woohoo!!

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