Wednesday, 10 July 2013

In the beginning...


It's whole new thing to us, and may take a while to work out a steady rhythm, but then so will our new way of life. In three weeks time we will be leaving the familiar to live in our little tent with a new view each morning, cycling from country to country carrying nearly all our belongings. So far the preparations have gone well, practically and mentally. The only thing we are leaving behind is a load of photos, a box with irreplaceable bits and bobs in, a tenor Uke and lots of loved ones. But we are setting off with new assets, ones that don't weigh a thing but make such a difference. Courage, for instance. It has taken 2 years to acquire enough courage to leave a comfortable home, good stable jobs, special people, and a status quo routine, with no plans of returning. 
Why do it? Probably because of the question that could be asked in 20 years time, "why didn't we do it?"

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