Monday, 22 July 2013

Parcel Party time!!

Mark's self restraint is so impressive. He waited until I came home from work before tearing into the 8 parcels that arrived today (two more arrived ten minutes after the photo was taken). Inflatable pillows, thermals, sleeping bag liners, shorts, boots, a chair, and sandals, all thanks to ebay. 

One week to go, and thanks to street view on google maps I was so excited after zooming along our route in Holland that I couldn't sleep!! We'll be sailing from Hull on Tuesday night, arriving at the Europort at Rotterdam (even though it's miles from Rotterdam itself......) ready for an early start along the coast up to Den Haag, where we'll join the LF4 cycle route which will take us right across Holland to Arnhem, 221 km. Then we'll follow the R1 cycle route from Arnhem across Germany to Poland. Very exciting stuff.


  1. Hope you still catching the sun and relaxing before the next part of your journey happy peddling :-)

    1. Hi Ruth and Mark,

      Hi ruth its gary i work at eating disorders sorry i missed your farewell was in a group at the time but looing at what was left from the food side of things looks like you had a very nice lunch..
      Hope you both enjoy your travels i haven't framed them pictures as yet but we will be it possible to buy some paintings you might do on route to where ever your both going shoild be some nice pictures from around europe.. my email address is ( is the book on here what mark has written for sale if so where can i get and how much keep in touch i'll keep looking at your blogs